250 Up !

After publishing a post this week, I happened to notice that I have published 250 posts so far – a nice milestone to reach. That got me thinking – not too deeply mind you – about how it started and where blogging has taken me since July 2013 when I set out on this blogging journey

It all started some time after retirement when I took on the part-time role of Consultant, which gave me more time to do things outside the work/office environment, amongst them birding, photography and writing. The beauty of blogging is that it combines all of these into one neat package.

I have had a lifetime habit of recording travels and trips in diary form and keeping birding lists for various localities, so blogging seemed like a natural progression for these activities.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since my youth, starting with a simple point and shoot film camera borrowed from my dad, progressing through various upgrades of cameras and lenses into the digital age, going full circle to today where most of my photography is done with either my Iphone or with my very capable and convenient point-and-shoot camera, albeit a very sophisticated one.

WordPress was a good choice as my preferred software provider and it was not too difficult to learn how to set up posts, create a library of images and set categories and tags so that the published post looked reasonably professional.

So, blogging has satisfied my “writing passion” beyond what I imagined – an estimated 250,000 words and 5,000 images later I find myself looking forward to many more – it is my hope that some of you will join me on the next part of the journey.

In celebration of the milestone I have selected a few images which have garnered the most “clicks” over the years….

Red-billed Firefinch
Fish-Eagle and Martial Eagle eye each other
Cape Sugarbird, Mossel Bay
Red-faced Crimsonwing, Zimbabwe
Lion, Chobe Riverfront
Herring Gull, at sea
African Purple Swamphen
Cape Long-billed Lark
Lion, Chobe Riverfront
Greater Flamingo

I hope you have a peaceful and restful holiday season!

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