I live in Pretoria, South Africa

Feel free to contact me regarding blog content, photos etc by commenting on any specific post

21 thoughts on “Contact”

    1. Hi Karin
      Unfortunately I don’t arrange group trips but if you let me know what trips you have in mind I can possibly point you in the right direction.

  1. Hello Don.
    I am looking to get in touch with Douglas or Francis .
    We are looking to trip with them.
    Could you forward there details
    Thanking you Tristan

  2. Hi Don I am working on a poster on deforestation for Gorongosa National Park. You have a photo of charcoal taken in the area. I am happy to credit you and send a draft for you to look at. Would you mind if I use the photo.

  3. Hi Don, just read your blog mentioning Sir Percy Fitzpatrick’s Lookout – I think you will be delighted to know that Addo Tourism received funding from the Sarah Baartman Dustrict Municipality and we have just completed a complete refurb of the place. Would love to show you when you are in the Addo area again. We will be introducing the new look Lookout to all on the 5th of April.

  4. Hello Don
    I have birded since youth and now, in retirement, have taken up photographing birds. Not as good as yours but practise will help. I very much enjoy your blogs – have just read your Namaqualand trip as I’m thinking of doing one in 2023.
    Thanks very much

    1. Hi Kathie, glad you enjoy the blogs and thanks for letting me know!
      I did it the other way around – started photography in my youth and only took up birding in my 40’s (which is now a long time ago!)
      Bird photography has been an absolute joy in retirement – good luck with your efforts

      1. I have really struggled with photigraphy lessons – doing course now with DPC photography – not really helpful – do you know people eho help with burd photography??

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      2. I don’t have any particular contacts for photography lessons but can say that I learnt by field experience and reading photography magazines. Nowadays there is so much advice available on the internet – google “bird photography tips” and you will find a lot of advice. But it’s a bit overwhelming at first.
        I don’t know what camera you have but I use a Sony “bridge camera” which is somewhere between a “proper” DSLR and a “Point and shoot”
        I try and keep it simple by using standard settings as much as possible. so I keep it in Aperture mode and on the maximum aperture setting which on my camera is f2.4. The only adjustments I make are (1) the ISO setting which I set at around 400 and increase if the light is not good or the subject is in shade and (2) the Exposure Compensation up or down depending on whether the subject is bright or dark/backlit or not. White balance can be left on Auto mode.
        Hope this makes some sense

  5. Hi Don – I live in the USA (previously from Pretoria). You posted a picture of the Boer Memorial on Spioenkop with the names of Burghers who fell at Spioenkop listed. Would it be possible to receive a higher resolution picture (jpg) via email from you? I’m desperately looking for my Great Grandfather who we believe died on Spioenkop (24 Jan 1900). Much appreciated if you can let me know. Thanks Charl

  6. Any recommendations for someone, or an outfit, I can connect with for a birding tour of Kruger NP? I’ll be arriving in Johanessburg from the US next week. I’d also be interested in exploring the Pololwane area. My birding experience is largely restricted to the US.

    1. I have not had personal experience of a birding guide in Kruger area but I know of a company that specialises in bird guiding there – have a look at – hope you have a great tour – I’m sure you will find it special, and pretty hot at this time of year!

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