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Sharing is what it’s about!

Sharing my three serious passions – Birding, Photography and Writing.

I have been birding for many years and have upped the tempo in the last few years with formal bird atlasing (also known as Birdmapping) playing a big part.

More on that subject at this link : South African Bird Atlas Project

Photography has been a hobby since my youth and bird photography has become a serious passion in the last couple of years, with a few thousand photos taken of over 700 species in locations ranging from Pofadder, South Africa to Ketchikan in Alaska and lots in between.

I also approach this in the hope that it will provide readers with some interesting armchair birding and travel.

How Often?

I will be aiming to add a new posting at least twice per month, more if there is good reason, so if you want to view them as they are published, just enter your email address where indicated and you will receive a friendly email reminder.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Enjoyed dipping into your website – great stuff , RBHS (E63) UCT (dipQS69) Armchair Ornithologist (56) delayed the issue of this months valuation !

    1. Larry Evans indeed! Now there’s a blast from the past. We lost contact sometime after I left CT – so good that you came across my website. Would be great to reminisce some time – at least I have your email now. Presume you are still in CT?

      1. ….. perhaps just a zephyr from the south – yes still in CT lived in same property for 40 yrs hoping to subdivide and build a small cottage to enjoy the next 40 ! ha ha. I picked you up on the web from Flock at Sea. The website photos of you and Gerda took me back to float building at UCT when I was introduced to Gerda. Looking forward to your next post and enjoying some of your archive stuff. It really is so interesting for an armchair activist.

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