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My story on our visit to Havana, Cuba won the weekly prize in July 2015. This was my first article published nationwide and a massive thrill

The photo as printed in the ST

The original photo

I followed that success up with an article on our Canadian adventure in the Rockies, which won in April 2016




The photo published with the article was one of the view from Bow Summit …..

Bow Summit


You’d think that would be enough for anyone but no, I submitted my story on our visit to Passau and lo and behold it was published in August 2017. They must be desperate.

The words

The photo as printed in the ST

And the original photo….

Passau – views from the Castle

SA Sunday Times “Accidental Tourist” column

My story on an experience in Havana was accepted and published in February 2017

The words

and the delightful illustration added by the ST


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