2023! – A Beacon of Hope…..

It’s strange how things cross your path when least expected – I was out for my last late-afternoon walk of the year, enjoying the fresh, mind-clearing wind and keeping a look out for birds in the conservation area close to our home in Mossel Bay.

I was heading back up the hill along the narrow track that leads through a sea of fynbos, most of which lacks any sort of flowers at this time of year, when a flash of bright red caught my eye – I lifted my binos and saw to my delight that it was a lone flower, poking out above the sea of green like a beacon…. of hope, I decided right there

This comes with my wish to everyone for a blooming good 2023!

Fire Lily

7 thoughts on “2023! – A Beacon of Hope…..”

  1. Best wishes for 2023 to you and your family. May you be blessed with good health and peace – and lots of adventures to write about!

    1. A belated thank you for the good wishes – and to you as well! Any adventures are likely to be local ones as our travels are restricted by our circumstances at present, but I’m sure my localised birding and atlasing efforts will produce the usual surprises

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