Gone, but not forgotten; Finding the Laughing Gull

Earlier in the year I wrote about my “Once in a birder’s lifetime” experience of finding a new species for the Southern African region, namely a very far off course Laughing Gull which stayed in Mossel Bay for a week before disappearing again.

I’m pleased to say that my post, with some tweaks, has been recently published as an article in the May/June 2022 edition of African Birdlife magazine, reproduced below –

Now how am I going to top this find?

16 thoughts on “Gone, but not forgotten; Finding the Laughing Gull”

  1. Well done – I thought at the time that your encounter deserved a wider audience. I am pleased they published your article!

    1. Thanks Anne – it was quite widely shared on birding social media at the time but seeing it in print in a “proper” publication is a nice reward!

  2. Hi Don

    I must admit, I had goosebumps reading this… Absolutely amazing! What a find… This is a once-in-a-lifetime happening that other thousands upon thousands of birders don’t even dare dream about.
    Nothing could top this! Enjoy all the other 700+ magnificent SA birds – we have enough in beauty and richness
    to more than make up for not finding such another giga bird.

    Nice to receive your mails

    Ivonne Coetzee

    1. I was incredibly lucky and privileged to come across this rarity but as you say the real joy of birding is those everyday moments that birds deliver

    1. Thanks Dries – much appreciated. (No, I haven’t started getting up as early as you clearly do – we are in Australia so I have an 8 hour advantage at the moment)

  3. Hi Don Weereens veels geluk met die vonds. Uitstekende artikel. Dit lees lekker. Hou aan soek ons het nog sulke vondse nodig om die gebied by 1000 spesies te bring. Vriendeliek groete Francois en Renette

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