Weaver at work (Update)

When we returned to our Mossel Bay home recently we were thrilled to find the Cape Weavers (Ploceus capensis/ Kaapse wewer) hard at work building nests right outside our upper floor living area. They provide endless entertainment with their constant activity, never stopping from dawn to dusk.

The post has been updated to include an image of the chicks being fed – they are growing fast

Male – just starting on the nest
Male – initial nest frame in progress
Male building nest – at an advanced stage
Female feeding two chicks

We are watching their progress with interest….

3 thoughts on “Weaver at work (Update)”

  1. What a fantastic visual narrative of the process, Don. The weavers there are ahead of ours – although the Cape Weavers especially are beginning to look very smart in their breeding colours.

    1. It did seem very early for them to be breeding, but when I read up on their laying dates on the Roberts VII app it was interesting to find out that they start laying in June in the winter rainfall areas of the Western Cape, but only from August to October in the rest of the country. They keep us well entertained through the day.

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