Ostriches at a Waterhole

The wonderful thing about visiting South Africa’s National Parks is that there is just about always something new to see. This was the case during our recent trip to visit two of the Eastern Cape’s gems – Addo Elephant National Park and Mountain Zebra National Park – I will be posting more about our trip but thought I would share this video which I took while on a late afternoon game drive in Addo.

I had never seen Ostriches drinking at a waterhole and it didn’t occur to me that they cannot slurp it up like an elephant, so have to first scoop the water into their mouth, then lift their long neck and swallow.

I think you will agree it is a fascinating sight …. the one on the left was initially rather aloof, but deigned to join in briefly towards the end

What it lacks is some appropriate music to accompany the video as those elegant necks go up and down – I am open to suggestions …..

6 thoughts on “Ostriches at a Waterhole”

  1. So you were in my neck of the woods! Both are special places for us. I do not recall seeing an ostrich drink either and am interested to observe from your video is that they scoop the water by pushing outwards and then raise their heads. A real scooping motion as we would do when scooping water into a container. Thank you for this fascinating obervation.

    1. Your neck of the woods has a lot going for it! We absolutely loved our short stays in the two Parks and seeing these ostriches approaching the waterhole and drinking so gracefully made our day. Of course the elephants are the real stars of Addo

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