Shelldon Goes on Holiday

My name is Shelldon and I’m a tortoise who loves travelling – slowly, it has to be said, but I get there in the end.

This past holiday season I managed to get to a few places, mostly in the Western Cape – funny thing though, I kept bumping into an older human who seemed to be following me around, but I guess that was just a coincidence. I knew it was the same person because of the binoculars he had around his neck every time – I mean, who walks around with binos hanging from his neck all day?

Anyway here are a few of my holiday photos ……

Here I am in Karoo National Park, on my way to have nap. Not sure who this is following me ……

Karoo National Park

I made it to Mossel Bay after a long trip and was pleased to find a tasty and colourful lunch laid on – very considerate of these humans to plant such delicious fare

Mossel Bay

I found my way to Gamka Eco-Estate near Calitzdorp and took a late afternoon walk alongside the river, albeit dry at that time


And here I am west of Mossel Bay, just pottering about at the side of the road

Mossel Bay west

Same spot and there’s the car of that older human with the binos that I mentioned earlier – guess he was looking for something as he wandered around for a while aiming his binos at goodness knows what. I mean what could be more interesting than a lively tortoise?

Mossel Bay west

Here’s looking forward to my next trip ….

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