4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Hi Don, and Happy New Year to you too. Indeed, a whole new adventure ahead!
    I had a totally unexpected birding experience a few days ago at Rhodes Memorial – saw a funny little bird on the ground near me, thought it was a sparrow, but looked odd. Turns out it was a Common Chaffinch.
    Just confined to Newlands forest area, so hoping I may have one up on you? Introduced by Rhodes in 1898, along with the Common Starling for which he should be flayed!
    Also did a flyfishing trip to the Zambezi about 100km west of Kasane in November, and saw about 10 new things which was exciting, even my first Osprey can you believe!
    And caught tigers.
    Have a great Year!

    1. Hi Derek, the good news (for me, perhaps not for you) is that I saw a Chaffinch on Christmas day 1999 in my brother’s garden in Tokai!
      Envious of your Zambesi trip mind you – really miss the Kasane trips. My lifers have slowed to a trickle – just one the whole of last year – trying to fit in a Namibia trip into our travel schedule for all those species I haven’t got to see yet
      Cheers, Don

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